1 in 4 persons suffer from a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime. A majority of people suffer in silence and secrecy. Prejudice and hurtful behaviours are practised by all sections of society, and education has nothing to do with this. Negative behaviour is attributed to stereotypes and fears about people with mental health problems. This must change if we, as a society are going to support each other and help one another for better mental health. A deeper undertsanding of what hurts us, what causes us distress is also helpful to build coping mechanisms and lasting inner strength.

Art is any means for expression of individual and social values. Art or any form of creative expression has the potential to draw attention, trigger a human connect to a real or imagined experience and provoke a response. Art is a form of communication and storytelling and storytelling has the potential to re-shape the social world.

CREATORS is an experiment to bridge the gap and explore unspoken silences and innermost beliefs about mental health. It is a 12 hour programme that takes people on a journey of self-discovery and learning.