who does creators matter to the most?

Participants gain information and come to grips with their perceptions about mental health. Different DIY media reiterate learning and break down stereotypes.

what do metrics say?

Majority of participants find it useful, entertaining, and were able to express themselves using art. So, while being an enjoyable experience, participants show improved knowledge and improved intended behaviours. The assessment is on, so watch this space!

did it start dialogues on mental health?

Yes! From school and college principals, management and faculty, to participating students to the student audience - interactions on mental health spiralled out of CREATORS.

150 artworks, 8 theatrical plays and 3 choreographed dances

art to relate and shape experience

A majority of participants report feeling emotional when exposed to CREATORS programme content. They recall experiences, their highs and lows, their strengths, and leave the workshop feeling more confident.

Why 'art?'

Art is storytelling. It is communication. It is expression. An opportunity to share innermost thoughts can help us understand our social world. Let's have some fun doing constructive, exciting group activities an sharing experiences!