the idea

Youth art is a vehicle to share innermost perceptions of stereotypes and stigma that surround mental health

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A snapshot of experiential learning opportunities offered, how students engage with CREATORS and our journey so far

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CREATORS is evolving. We are inspired by people, ideas and collaborative media. Here's what we have learned from our experiments

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creators - creative reflection and expression using art to transform opinion regarding stigma associated with mental health


12 hours. We use it to give you a glimpse in to your own mind. We use art forms as a starting point for conversations.

Participants choose their art form; gaining exposure to collaboratively creating craft, forum theatre, storytelling, painting, collage, sculpture and creative writing. In the final workshop participants invite friends to an art show on the theme. So while we observe art, we also create art and meaning together.

CREATORS is a fun chance to learn about mental health, understand stigma and gain skills in communication, expression, team work, leadership and advertising. It brings home stark realities of how we cope with problems, recognise when something is not right with a friend/ family member and how to react when someone is in distress? College students face issues related to mental health every day and this is also an attempt to build a stronger social support system.


If you care about your students' wellbeing...

And are interested in a tailoring a unique experience on mental health for young people at your institute, we'd be delighted to hear from you! Get in touch.